The Dreams of Kings

A novel by

David K Saunders

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In the year 1464 England is engulfed by civil war as the renowned houses of Lancaster and York fight to the death for the crown of England.

Far in the north Margaret of Anjou, Henry VI's warrior Queen prepares to make her last stand at Bamburgh castle against the newly crowned King Edward IV and his invincible army but Margaret is a woman in a man's world who for sixteen years has ruled England for her weak husband Henry VI. Her heart-stirring courage was admired by all as she battled for her husbands crown.

Why does she suddenly abandon her husband and flee to France vowing never to return?

Who blackmails her, seven years later, to join forces with her most hated enemy, to return and fight once again for a crown she no longer wants?

As Margaret of Anjou flees to France Richard Duke of Gloucester, the future 'Richard III,' arrives aged eleven, for the safety of Middleham castle to begin his training for knighthood.

His new companions discover he can change from kindness to cold rage within the blink of an eye. Men, it was said, watched him with wary eyes, for they knew when the young pup found his teeth, he would make a dangerous enemy.

In France intrigue and betrayal swirl around the court of King Louis XI as he seeks to influence who will wear the crown of England while the Dukes of Burgundy and Brittany fight him every inch of the way as they seek to topple him from the throne of France.

The Earl of Warwick the most powerful lord in England a Machiavellian figure who manipulates Kings and Queens in his quest to rule his own kingdom. He joins forces with King Louis to spin a web of intrigue and then war around the royal houses of Europe.

King Edward IV, tall, handsome and clever, a brilliant warrior, whose Achilles heel is women, he loves them all. What dark forces drive him into a secret marriage that rips his kingdom apart?

He is forced to fight Louis XI of France, and the mighty Earl of Warwick, not only for his crown but also his life.

From the courts of Edward IV, Louis XI and Margaret of Anjou comes intrigue, betrayal witchcraft and love. The Dreams of Kings weaves plots and characters together to make a roller coaster read of the period they called the. War of the Roses

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First of a Three Book Trilogy